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Vine Award 2015 at the Kyoto International Film and Art Festival

An Awards Event will be held at the Oe Noh Theatre on Sunday, October 18, the final day of the Kyoto International Film and Art Festival, as an official event for the 6?second video app "Vine".
Judging of a wide range of public entries of 6?second videos will be divided into the official Vine categories of Style (fashion), Comedy, Dance & Music etc. Guest jurists will include comedians and famous ‘Viners’, who will make comments and selections from the nominated pieces in each category before selecting wining pieces and presenting the awards.
This event at the ethereal and quaint Oe Noh Theatre will showcase the charms of the new media Vine, as we enjoy the comedic and novelty flavors of these 6-second videos, interspersed with comments from our guest jurists.

Date&Time: Scheduled for 15:30PM, Sunday October 18
Appearing: Yu Sasamoto (President of Twitter Japan), Yuichi Kimura, Hachimitsu Tsukitei, RunPumps, Ririri, Brian (Viner), others

See list of entries here

Call for entries for the Vine Award 2015

Application Overview

Smartphone or tablet
Apps Used
Vine and Twitter accounts are required.Please obtain accounts at each official website.
Entry Period
Tuesday September 8 ? Monday October 12, 2015
Prizes and Vine original goods
Qualifications for Entrants
Ability to use the devices and apps required for entry.
  1. You can enter with as many pieces of work as you like.
  2. When posting to Vine, pieces are invalid if they have no hash tags.
  3. Where the owners of the Vine and Twitter accounts differ (where a post from another person’s Vine account is posted in a Twitter account etc.), the owner of the Vine account shall be deemed the entrant.
  4. Posts which include content that violates public order or morals shall be deemed ineligible at the discretion of the operators. The operators may also take such action for other reasons, at their discretion.
  5. In addition to hash tags, other text may be posted to supplement the piece of work.
  6. Pieces which use the copyrighted audio or video of others will be excluded from selection.
  7. 7. Entered pieces may be displayed on our website or other designated websites.
    See list of entries here
Entry Method
  1. Shoot a 6 second video on Vine.
  2. When posting, please share on Twitter with a description and include the specified hashtag (#kiff).
    On iOS, post the description and hashtag using “Add Caption (Optional)”
    On Android, post the description and hashtag using “Add Heading (Optional)”
  3. Entry is complete!
  4. The most recent 1,000 entered pieces can be viewed on the Kyoto International Film and Art Festival official site.
Venue and Date for Announcement of Judging
Screening Venue: Oe Noh Theatre
646 Tachibana-cho, Oshikoji-dori, Yanaginobanba-higashi-iru, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City 604-0944
Date & Time: 1:30-2:30PM, Sunday October 18, 2015 *Seating at the venue is limited. We ask your understanding in the event that the venue is full.
Results of Judging
Awards shall be determined from nominated pieces in each category by a thorough examination by the jury on the day of the event.
About the Categories
Pieces will be selected and divided into the following categories, with stand-out pieces nominated under each category.
Go ahead and post your 6-second video in your favorite category!
[Music & Dance] sing, dance, or play a musical instrument!
[Style] Promote your favorite accessories or clothes!
[Comedy] Make us laugh, and share a favorite joke!
[Other] Family pets, food, a special moment… anything at all! Post NOW!

Post NOW!

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D.Oe Noh Theatre Date:10.18 sun

646, Tachibanacho, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 604-0944, Japan

Subway Tozai Line 「Shiyakusho-mae」 4minutes to the west
Subway Karasuma Line 「Karasuma-Oike」 5minutes to the east
Keihan Main Line 「Sanjo Station」 15minutes to the west

Kyoto City Bus(Line Nos.15・51) 「Sakaimachi Oike」 2minutes to the north