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Our Diary

Our Diary

©「1980年のある日 さまよう青春の胸に刻んだ “僕たちの日記”


The main vocal of the 6 member dance & vocal group, Choshinsei, just achieving his solo debut this year and numerous accomplishments on the music charts, Sungmo now stars in the lead role of this feature film. The film, set in the social transition period of South Korea in 1980, portrays the various emotional landscapes of young men wandering in their days of youth, when love and friendship meant everything. Because of innocence, the feeling of being astray, anxieties and angst are born. This youthful drama looks at the discovery of the true sense of living for the future from within friendship and love.


Sungmo, Shin JiHoon

Work Data

Director Im Gongsam
Country Korea
Year 2015
Copyright 「1980年のある日 さまよう青春の胸に刻んだ “僕たちの日記”