Kyoto International Indies Cinema

La Mort de Tau

La Mort de Tau

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Kyoto International Indies Cinema:Total of 12 titles to be screened including“Death of Tau( La Mort de Tau)”from England. The Kyoto International Indie Film Festival has been held since 2007, and will celebrate its 9th edition this year. During the Kyoto International Film Festival period, October 17 will see the screening of the films which won the fourth Kyoto Movie Award at The Kyoto International Indie Film Festival in their entirety. The screening will take place at the Ooe Nohgakudo .Under the theme of“ remember the era of small movies – from Kyoto to the world”, we will ask the questions “what is the role people’s sensibilities play in movies?” and“ what is the role people’s knowledge play in movies?” The Kyoto International Indie Movie Festival will convey superior values and continue to grow sharing the important things which exist in modern people’s lives and leaving that legacy to future generations.


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Copyright 2001 Lardux films, Arte France