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Tokyo Olympic

Tokyo Olympic

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Centering on the joint scenario of Natto Wada, Yoshio Shirasaka, Shuntaro Tanigawa and Kon Ichikawa, we present the wide-screen version of the very first cinematic film of the Olympic Games. The film was shot by 164 news and cinematic cameramen using 5 Italian Techniscope cameras, 200mm and 1600mm supertelephotographic lens, and the best in optical technologies. Also, one of the directors, Shotaro Yasuoka, followed the gymnastics event and one athlete’s episode, while Tanigawa took the footage of the canoe events. The staff and crew totaled to 556 members led by Ichikawa as executive director.


Work Data

Director Kon Ichikawa
Country Japan
Year 1965
Copyright 公益財団法人 日本オリンピック委員会